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This wiki is to document all the old consoles that we still love. From the Sega Genesis to the NES, this is the place to read and write about it!

Our goal is simple and straight-foward.

To make the biggest and most extensive retro-gaming encyclopedia on the web, Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay!

We will be adding a news, poll, article of the month and picture of the week section to the mainpage shortly.

Rules of Editing


Just to keep a few limits, but far less harsh as the old ones.

  • The Console Cut-off is 1995, but articles about games for these systems maybe still be written, even if they were released after that date.
  • The Computer limit is 1998, all home computers and their software must have been released this year or earlier if you desire to write about them.
  • Articles about emulators are allowed, as long as you do not provide links which you can download ROMs from.
  • DO NOT COPY FROM WIKIPEDIA! There is no point doing this, and there is a lot of bad formatting. Use wikipedia as a source if you must, but never copy and paste!
  • Guides and walkthroughs are very welcome, but provide them on "[game title]/walkthrough" and warn about spoilers! Please include cheat-codes, unlockables, exploitable glitches, etc. in this section.
  • Manuals are very welcome! Just write "{game name}/{Region} manual. NA, Pal or JP. Ex. Deadly Towers/NA Manual.
  • Lists! For lists... use the following templates! List of Nintendo Entertianment System Games, List of Sega Developed Games, List of Nintendo Published Games.
  • Respect the community and its members, and most of all...
  • Have fun!

What's Needed

If you'd like to create templates for us (which is very much needed), please leave a message on Relic Kylias's talk page.

If you'd like to moderate, please leave a message on Relic Kylias's talk page.

If you're not quite sure where to start leave a mess on Relic Kylias's talk page, regarding what Genre most interests you, your consoles, some games you like, etc.


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