Pre 1981

Not really PC games but these titles laid out the foundation for later games.

Primarially text and vector graphic based games with simple input and simple goals.

1981 - 1984

CGA Era games, as well as text

1984 - 1987

EGA Era games, as well as CGA

1987 - 1992

VGA Era Games, as well as EGA.

First sound card enabled titles through Adlib and Sound Blaster.

Multiplayer games typically relied on serial communications or a modem to a BBS type server.

1992 - 1996

VGA Era Games, Rollout of CD-ROM titles heavy on live action movies

Networked multiplayer became commonplace through IPX / SPX

1996 - 1998

First generation 3D Titles, primarially Glide and OpenGL.

Internet enabled games became commonplace through UDP / TCP, including first massivly multiplayer.

1998 - 2000

Games relying on DirectX became commonplace, Glide started phasing out.