This is about the game known in Japan as Doki Doki Panic. For the game known as Super Mario Bros 2 in Japan see Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.

Super Mario Bros 2
SMB2's Title screen
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: Shigeru Miyamoto
Genre: Platformer
System: NES

Super Mario Bros 2 was both developed and published by Nintendo for the NES video game console. This time around, you can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach. Each character has a different ability that can help you on your way. Your goal is to get to the end of the game and defeat Wart, the evil frog thing. This game used to be a Famicom game called Doki Doki Panic, which explains the different gameplay.

Story Edit

Mario fell asleep and opened the door to the world Subcon, and everyone went in. Blah.

Characters Edit

Mario: Mario is the average character. He's not that special. In Doki Doki Panic, he was the average brother.

Luigi: Luigi is similar to Mario, but he can jump much farther. He's a bit harder to control, though, and he slides a bit on the ground. In Doki Doki Panic, he was the high-jumping mother.

Toad: Toad is stronger than any of the others...That's about it. In Doki Doki Panic, he's the strong father.

Princess Peach: The Princess is good because she can float in the air when she jumps. In Doki Doki Panic, she is the long-jumping sister.