The Cover Art for Daggerfall.

Released in 1996, Daggerfall is the second installment in the main series of Bethesda Softworks' award-winning The Elder Scrolls series. It is a Single Player RPG, and rated M by the ESRB. It runs on MS-DOS and uses the XnGine engine. It was both developed and Published by Bethesda Softworks.



The Biggest World in a video game to date.

The world in daggerfall is huge! And although it is computer generated, it is still very detailed and interesting to explore, unlike many others of its kind. It has the world record for the biggest land-mass ever to date, and still holds the title at 163,492sq-km (63,125 sq. miles). Because of the vast size, it contains over 15,000 cities, dungeons, villages and towns. Besides all that, it also has the highest ever NPC count in an RPG, with over 750,000 of them, whom can all be spoken or interacted with.